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Freight Delivery Guide

Even though modern mail carriers are incredible (really, all you have to do is click a button, and stuff shows up at your door), some deliveries simply won't fit in the back of a postal truck.

Our dependable freight carriers quickly deliver even the heaviest items to the curbside when orders are big enough to need pallet shipping.

We've outlined all the crucial information here to make the big drop-off simple and quick because freight delivery is a little different from the typical shipping process.

In order to have a practical step-by-step manual on delivery day, we advise printing our helpful freight delivery checklist. Contact us at if you need any assistance with your freight shipment or if you simply have a few questions that you would like to have answered.

5 Easy Steps to a Successful Freight Delivery

  1. Look out for Your Shipping Confirmation Email

You will receive a shipping confirmation email as soon as your order leaves one of our warehouses, outlining the shipping procedure based on your carrier and including a link to the order status page where you can track your order. Most carriers will only give you a tracking number and an estimated delivery date, though a few may call you to arrange a precise delivery window.

  1. Prepare for Curbside Delivery

You are responsible for moving your freight shipment up your driveway and into your home or backyard because it will arrive on a pallet or pallets, and your freight driver will leave all pallets at the curb at the end of your driveway. You'll need assistance moving your shipment into the backyard because shipments are only brought as far as the curb. We advise keeping two helpers on call.

  1. Be There on Delivery Day

To sign the delivery receipt given by the driver, you must physically be present at the designated delivery during the agreed-upon drop-off window, even if your carrier has called to schedule a delivery appointment (most do not). Even if no appointment was made, you can still be present to inspect your shipment and decide whether or not to accept delivery.

  1. Inspect Your Pallet and Accept (or Refuse) Your Shipment

You must notify Iconic Outdoor Spaces of any damage to your items within 5 calendar days of the delivery date, per their damage policy. Please look over your package carefully for any dents, tears, or other damage. Please make a note of any problems on your receipt before signing it. You have the option to reject your delivery if you see several damaged items. Even if only one or two items are damaged, you must refuse delivery of the entire pallet. No worries if you are not home at the time; just get in touch with us within 5 days to report any damage or problems.

  1. Unpack & Verify Order Accuracy

Please move the shipment from the curb and open your item(s) if it looks to be in good condition. Unpack everything to make sure everything is there and undamaged because smaller items might be packed inside larger ones. If there are any issues with your shipment, such as an incomplete order or damaged goods, you have five calendar days from the time of delivery to get in touch with us. Email or call us as soon as possible if you decide not to accept the delivery.

Print our delivery checklist!

Common Questions about Freight Delivery

Although we've gone over the essentials of freight delivery, there are still some aspects of the procedure that can be challenging to comprehend. We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions covering everything from scheduling your delivery to how you should handle damaged packages in order to make sure you're never caught off guard. Have a question that wasn't addressed here? Contact our professionals at

How do I know if my shipment is being delivered by freight?

After placing your order, keep an eye out for your shipping confirmation email because it will include the delivery method. You can always give us a call if you believe there will be a freight delivery involved; we're working on ways to notify you sooner.

When will the freight carrier call me to schedule delivery?

Typically, freight carriers won't call you before delivery. Some delivery services may call you as a courtesy to schedule a delivery. When your order gets to a local facility of a freight company, the carrier may call to schedule this with you. Therefore, it is essential that you provide the best phone number to reach you at when placing an order with us. The freight company will call that number, and you don't want the delivery process to be slowed down because the carrier can't get through to you. Decide on a delivery window (which can last anywhere between 4 and 8 hours), mark it on your calendar so you don't forget it, and make plans to be there during that time.

Do I need to be home to accept the delivery?

If the carrier called you to schedule your delivery, then you only need to be there to accept your shipment. In order to confirm delivery, the freight driver will give you a receipt that you must sign (unless you choose to reject the delivery due to package damage; see below for more information). You do not need to be home to receive your delivery if they did not call to schedule it, but we still advise you to be there to check it out and move it from the curb.

Will the driver help me move the pallet to my backyard?

No, all truck drivers are told to only make curbside deliveries. Their liability insurance does not cover the inside of your property. Although the liftgates on their semi-trucks are used to unload the goods, it is ultimately your responsibility to drive the shipment up your driveway and into your house or backyard. To help you when your delivery arrives, we advise having at least two helpers close by. You'll appreciate the assistance because items only ship via freight when they are too big or heavy to be delivered by a regular courier service.

What do I need to do when my shipment arrives?

Upon delivery, look over the pallet and packaging for any issues. Spend some time checking for any dents or tears. You have two choices after carefully inspecting your shipment: either refuse the delivery if there is excessive damage, or make a note of any minor damage on the receipt before signing to accept the delivery. Please only refuse the delivery if several items are damaged, but make sure to call us right away if anything is damaged.

Be aware that sometimes smaller items are shipped inside larger ones, giving the impression that your order isn't complete. Please unpack each item completely before calling to report any missing parts. If you check your shipment and find any problems after you do so, don't worry if the driver is not there. Any problems should be reported to within 5 calendar days.

What follows the driver's departure?

  1. Grab the packing list from inside your packages after carefully removing the shrink wrap.
  2. To make sure your order is complete, cross-reference the model number of each item with the packing list. Either the box's exterior or a UPC sticker attached to the box will be printed with the model numbers. Make sure to completely unpack each component because some items might be packed inside of others. To check for physical damage, carefully open the boxes and inspect each item. Verify all of the moving parts, including the hinges, knobs, arms, legs, and feet.
  3. Call us as soon as you can if there are any issues with damages or missing items. After accepting delivery, you have five calendar days to report any issues, but we want to take care of you right away.

What should I do if my shipment is damaged?

Before calling us, note any obvious damage on the receipt, such as a tear in the shrink wrap, that can be seen on the shipment itself. If there are several damaged items in the shipment, you can refuse it, but we'll give you advice while you're on the phone. Unpack each item completely and check it for physical damage as well. If you notice any scratches or dents on the items themselves, call us, just like it was the case with damage to the packaging and shrink wrap.

How long do I have to notify Iconic Outdoor Spaces about an issue with my shipment?

You must report any damages or other issues with your order within 5 calendar days of delivery. Please include photos of the damage (including the boxes) to

What happens if the carrier misses the scheduled delivery window?

We are aware of how frustrating it can be to plan a day off work and round up some friends to help, only for the delivery window to pass with no sign of your shipment. If that happens, kindly call us right away so that we can assist you in rescheduling a delivery time and inform the freight company about the missed appointment. We'll always set up whatever works best for you, but we may also look into alternatives like a terminal pickup.

Are there places freight companies won’t deliver to?

Freight carriers usually make deliveries in semi-trucks, which are unable to navigate narrow, dead-end, or obstructed streets. If your residence is in such a location, please let us know at the time of your order and we’ll work with you to find a solution. We may arrange a terminal pickup, allow for a change of address, hire movers to assist with delivery, or find a carrier with a truck small enough to reach your residence.

Have any other questions? Get in touch with our experts at